Up, Up, and Away!

balloons So it’s out. My second novel, Unbeweaveable is in stores and I’m surprisingly calm about the whole thing. With my first book Six O’clock, I lost sleep and went a little crazy worrying over how well the book would do. I promised myself, (and my hubby) that I wouldn’t do it this time around. So I’ve taken a whole different attitude with this book and decided that I would do the best I could pre-publication, but once it’s out of my hands, it’s literally out of my hands. I have no control over how Unbeweaveable will be received and I’m not going to cause any wrinkles by worrying about it.

Writing a book is like blowing air in a balloon. You blow, and blow, and blow—filling your lungs expand and contract as you blow life into this balloon—and once it’s all done you tie a string around the end and let it go. So folks Unbeweaveable is out there, flying around in a book store near you. I hope that it flies off the shelves and into your homes but I have no control over that. But you do don’t you? :) So don’t let my baby wander aimlessly in the sky alone. Pick her up and take her home and read her!
She’s worth it.

I’ll be stopping at a few blogs for the next couple of weeks. First on my stop? One of my favorite blogs ever, Hair on the Brain. One of the reasons why I love this blog so much is because it talks about all types of hair, African-American hair, Caucasian hair—the wonderful creator Valerie covers it all. This blog should definitely be added to your blog roll if you are a lover of hair tips, product reviews and cool interviews with celebrity hair stylists. But let me stop yapping and click here to check out the interview.

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  • Dee

    I really enjoyed your latest book. Your main character, Mariah, made me want to alternate between slapping her or just knnocking her out. I love it when an author makes me have an emotional connection with their character. Well done, Katrina.

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