Rihanna’s Long Locks

Rihanna is the queen of changing her looks. Not only does she change her hair color to a bold red hue, she now has adopted a few *ahem* long locks. What do you guys think of her new weave?


You guys know I love everything about weave, but I’m not feeling the long locks…yet. Sometimes styles have to grow on me, and right now I’m on the fence on whether I like this length on her. I don’t HATE this look, I’m just not loving it either.




What do you guys think? Love it, or leave it?

3 comments to Rihanna’s Long Locks

  • I LOVE that color! I always liked red hair. It wouldn’t look good on me, and I work in a professional setting and that’s way too much, but I still LOVE it. The length, I have no problem with, but I liked her edgier cuts.

    • I liked her with edgier cuts too! The red color grew on me, and know I love it on her–it fits her rock & roll lifestyle. I think when I see her do other things with the length, then maybe I’ll really start to like it too. Maybe it’s the straightness of it that’s bothering me? I can’t figure it out, but will wait and see how she styles it next.

  • anastacia

    i really want to know were shee bought that bold red hair i love it :)

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