Bubblegum Hair at 2011 VMA’S

The hair was definitely on point last night at the MTV Video Music Awards. For me, the hair (as always) was better than watching the performances. The hair spoke for itself. Two celebs who stood out for me, was first up Nicki Minaj.



Obviously, I am not here to talk about her outfit, so I’m sticking with something I do love—her hair. It reminds me of the hair seen at Hair Battle competitions—outlandish do’s normally never seen out in public, but here she is rocking a twisted ball of hot pink, blonde and yellow hair. Reminds me of a delicious piece of Bubble Yum. *smacks*

Next up is Katy Perry.



Her actual hairstyle is quite nice with the deep side-parted waves. But it’s the color again here that makes it stand out. Again, another hue of bubblegum pink.


Both of these looks are definitely something that I would NEVER try in my real life, but it does take me back to my old Hair Battle days where big crazy hair reigned supreme. Hair that resembles a big clock? Check. Hair that looks like a racing car? Double check. Aaah, the good ‘ole days…

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