How Many Hobbies Can a Girl Have?

cross-stitch-diagramI’ve been working a lot on an embroidery project for my nephew. I love cross-stitching and embroidery, it relaxes me and I love to see a picture come alive from thousands and thousands of tiny stitches. My mother recently got a new sewing machine, and she’s been gathering materials together to go on a sewing frenzy—dresses and headbands for my daughter, a cape for me (yes I’m rocking several this winter…), and blouses for herself.

As I watch her get prepared, it really makes me want to learn how to sew. When she knits blankets and scarves for my daughter, then I want to learn how to knit. Or at least crochet. And did I mention I want to take a few classes for cake decorating? (Too many episodes of the Cake Boss…) But here’s the thing—I don’t have time for all those hobbies. I like to write in the morning, then read in the afternoon or early evening. Then later at night I’ll pick up my cross-stitching. Where could I find the time to add yet another hobby?

Hobbies are great, they relax you, and help remove some of the stress you might have encountered through the day. But having too many hobbies? It can backfire on you, making you stress out about which hobby you’re going to tackle that day.

So for now I’m sticking with cross-stitching. I want to sew, and one day soon I’ll learn how to do it. But right now, my plate is full.

Tell me, what’s your hobby? Are you juggling more than one?

2 comments to How Many Hobbies Can a Girl Have?

  • Nina Dee

    Yes, I have more than one hobby but I pick only one at a time to devout myself to. I love the variety in hobbies. I will never get bored or worried about what next. My hobbies are like my girlfirends, they all bring something different to the table. There are times that one friend gets more of my time than the others but in the end it evens out. Like flowers in a garden I love a variety.

  • Came across your post when looking for information on embroidery but thought I would say that it is not easy to actually have more than 1 hobby for the simply reason, they require so much time.

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