Bald Eagle

Flipping on the TV yesterday morning and lo and behold, Cynthia Nixon is chatting on Live! With Kelly with a shaved head.


She went bald for her role as a cancer-stricken professor in the new Broadway play Wit. Think a shaved head is low maintenance? Think again!

“I thought it was going to be kind of no-muss, no-fuss, but I have to shave it every day,” Nixon revealed. “It’s got kind of a five o’clock shadow. You don’t want to go out with that.”

When host Kelly Ripa complimented Nixon on the shape of her head, the actress admitted that she wasn’t sure she’d be able to pull the look off at first. “I was always kind of curious to see what it would be like,” she shared. But once the play is over, don’t expect her to keep up with the daily shaves. “I don’t think I’m going to keep it forever,” she added.

I saw the movie version of the play on HBO years ago, and let me tell you, it was dramatic, haunting, and just a great film. Emma Thompson plays the professor and if you haven’t seen it, find it and watch it. But only with a big box of tissues.

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