Why Not Me?

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been very sick, and on top of that, I caught a wicked stomach virus. So while I was retching my brains out in the toilet, I moaned a few, “Why Me’s?”. Afterward I laid my head down on the cold bathroom floor, and of course I got to thinking how many times in my life I’ve asked, “Why me?”. I really try not to ask that question—it can take me down a road of negativity that can be hard to get out of. When I apply the question to my writing life—boy, I could spend days in a dark room rocking back and forth.

But I always catch myself and apply the principle that’s helped me endure so many of my problems—Why not me? Why am I putting the blame on things I can’t control? By asking, ‘Why Me?’ am I expecting another writer to carry my burden, and walk in my shoes, while I bask in success?

Every writer has their own rocky road to published author. Their own story to tell. So you don’t have an agent. Why not you? Why should that problem be anyone else’s but yours? So your book isn’t a bestseller. Why not you?

There are so many things in life that I can’t control. I can’t control when I’m going to get sick, I can’t control if it’s going to rain right after I get my car washed, I can’t control if the dry cleaner will press all the pleats out of my daughter’s uniform skirt, (I’m still a bit ticked about that one…), but I can control a lot of things. I can’t control how well my books sell. But I can write the best book I have in me. And instead of responding, “Stay-at-home mom,” when people ask what I do, I can stand up straight and say, “Author. Have you read one of my books?” and whip out a business card. That’s something I can do.

So next time something bad happens, stop asking yourself, “Why me?” If not you, then who? Changing the question around helps you focus on what you can do to remedy the problem. Things that are in your control to do so. Hey, I’ve learned a thing or two in my 33 years. Another thing I’ve learned? Laying on ceramic tile does a number on your back. *clicks on heating pad*

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  • Charlene C. Johnson-Kegler

    O.K., so you made me feel guilty today.Why not? I just finished laying all my burden’s on your Moms shoulders , and you let me know I can do something about my problems. It really got bad after listening to this morning’s news.They are running out of methotrexate! How dare they? I’m going to die without it. O.K., stop bawling Charlene. Calm down. You have the meds in your cabinet. Call your doctor.See what you did. A 33 year old young woman taught an old 66 year old woman to stop crying, why me? Maybe I should go lay some ceramic tile.NOT!

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