Writing in Summer…

I have a seven year old daughter on her summer break right now. We’ve already done our summer vacation for the summer, and had a wonderful time with friends. But still…it can be a challenge writing with a child at home. For me, it’s not that she’s getting in my way or not letting me write. Far from it! I know she will be perfectly fine watching TV or coloring (one of her favorite activities) while I write. The thing is, I don’t want her to spend her summer in front of the TV, or coloring. I want her to have activities planned and things to do!

So every time I start to write, I feel a little bit of guilt creep up my spine. I know it’s unrealistic to expect her to have an activity planned for every day of the summer, but I’m a planner, and so far she has had something planned every day.

So my writing has suffered. While I’m taking her to things during the day, I come home too pooped to write. (Or to do anything else for that matter…)

So this week I’ve revised my writing schedule. Take that back, I’ve actually included my writing in the schedule. I’m juggling many projects right now, writing the first draft of a new book, revising a book that I shelved long ago but now have decided to take another peek at, and querying agents for my current book. So yes, I’m busy, and I don’t want my daughter’s mind turning into mush by watching too much TV. So with trips to the circus, crafting camp, violin lessons, and other activities on the horizon I have to realize that the whole point of summer is to relax. To come down from the strict schedules of school and to have days to sleep in, to walk around all day in your pajamas, to have a few days to just do nothing.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve taken a chill pill and not put so many things on our plate this summer. And the great thing is that she’s been remarking on how this has been one of the best summer’s she’s ever had. And with my writing on track, I couldn’t agree more.

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