Can Sandra Bullock Pull Off a Pixie?

article-2422792-1BDD314D000005DC-212_634x869Ok, before you start gasping, I don’t think Sandra Bullock cut her hair. I think it’s a wig. Just last week in Toronto she was spotted with her hair long and glorious.

Some fans of Vogue have called the hairstyle ‘confusing.’  One commenter compared it to a mullet; while another reader said the style makes her look like a ‘soccer mom’.

I’m not a fan of the look either, I do think it ages her and I don’t like the heavy volume at the top, it’s a bit cotton-candyish for my taste. I seriously hope she doesn’t cut her hair this short, I don’t think it suits her. I usually love the way Sandra Bullock has her hair styled, but this look is a fail for me.

What do you guys think? Should she go for it and crop it? Or stay with her long tresses?

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