Keeping a Writing Routine While Playing the Waiting Game

patience-is-a-virtueI miss having a deadline. It’s true. Most writer’s will agree that having a deadline is one of the most stressful things about getting a book done, but still I miss it. Having a deadline means you’re under contract to finish your book by a certain date. Although I don’t miss the pressure, I do miss the certainty of knowing that I would have a book out soon.

Now I’m in the waiting phase. I’m waiting on a publisher and a few agents to give me feedback on my novel to see if it’s something they want to pursue. Years ago, this waiting would have driven me crazy. I would check my emails every five minutes, or get on everyone’s nerves around me as I waited for a response. Although I still do check my emails, I don’t get in a funk when I see it’s not an email from an agent or an editor in my inbox. I really feel the reason why is because this time around I’m continuing on with my new project and also I’m so busy with other things in my life I can’t give it the time I once did years ago.

I wrote about how I lost my routine this summer, but thankfully I’m back in my groove again and have a good writing routine. I try to write on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So far this schedule has been working for me and having a new project to be excited about keeps the negativity at bay when my mind wanders thinking about my other novel.

I also feel more confident than I did before. I know this comes with writing more, but I feel really good about what I’ve written. I know I’ve done my best work so far with my novel and I know that work will pay off—not with money—but I do feel my pay off will be seeing this book published. And until that time comes? I’ll be waiting, and writing…

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