Tyra vs. Wigs

article-2442500-1826658000000578-308_634x804Trya has had enough of wig companies using her face to sell their wigs. She’s suing!

According to TMZ, the 39-year-old former supermodel is filing a $10 million lawsuit against ten wig companies in Los Angeles County for ‘using her name, photograph, image and identity’ to sell their hairpieces.

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court, one of wig companies being sued by the star is Pink Lace Hair Goods, which features three Tyra-inspired hairpieces on its website.

One of them is the Tyra Banks custom lace wig, a short, choppy style with highlights and optional adjustable straps that costs $359.article-2442500-187F3ABB00000578-162_634x305



Other hairpieces under fire include the Tyra Banks custom lace wig (above), which also costs $359 and comes with optional adjustable straps.

This whole matter could have been avoided if the companies had used their own wigs as the display instead of using a celebrity face. Tyra is a smart business woman, she may want to align herself with a wig line—or start her own—and these images could hurt her in the future.

What do you think? Should Tyra be suing? Or should she have ignored it?

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