So Long Friends…

I’ve made this decision a while ago, but I’ve decided to share the news via my blog that I will no longer will be writing. Shocker right? Truth be told, I will always love the written word, and I know I have the talent and skills to continue, but honestly my health is declining to [...]

Keeping a Writing Routine While Playing the Waiting Game

I miss having a deadline. It’s true. Most writer’s will agree that having a deadline is one of the most stressful things about getting a book done, but still I miss it. Having a deadline means you’re under contract to finish your book by a certain date. Although I don’t miss the pressure, I do [...]

My Bittersweet Summer

I didn’t get much writing done this summer. I did edit a novel that someone expressed interest in but I didn’t do much on my new book. And for me that’s unusual. I’ve never been one to write everyday, but I do always write several times a week. And then my poor neglected blog. It [...]

A Busy, Crazy March

No blog posts in March! *slaps hand* Shame on me! Well, what can I say? Saying that I was busy is just an understatement—dealing with a home remodeling project, Spring Break—and that’s just naming two of the many things going on this month.

And of course, my writing has suffered. I haven’t been working on [...]

Critique Partners

I’ve been getting a few emails lately of people wanting to know what a critique partner is, how to find one, or how to be one. I’m no expert, but outside my Mama and Hubby I rely on two great writers to read my work.

For those of you who don’t know, critique partners are [...]

The Writing Cave

So most of you know that while I’m on the agent hunt that I’m outlining my next novel. One thing about writing a book, the beginning stages are very exciting. (For me anyway…) It’s exciting to see your story develop, and get to know a new crop of characters. So that’s what I’ve been doing [...]

Invisible Goals

At the end of year I think many people are making New Year’s resolutions. I’ve never done so, but I do like to end the year thinking of what I’ve accomplished the previous year and finding ways to grow or improve as a writer.

When writing, it’s easy to set a goal and to see [...]

The Waiting Game…

Writing takes patience. Lots of patience. Currently, I am in the middle of querying agents for my third novel, and believe me it is definitely teaching me a lesson in patience. As I await responses I have to keep busy. And that means—beginning my next novel.

One thing I’ve learned is that I can’t control [...]

The New Street

Recently, I’ve moved my writing desk into my bedroom. It’s a secretary desk that was for the Hubby, but didn’t prove functional for him.

I still need flowers on top (straight copying Tayari Jones) but I really like working in my bedroom. To the right of the picture I have a large, bay window. [...]

It’s Out of My Hands…

I am a control freak. I’ll be the first one to admit that. Being so controlling can be good at times—I’m organized, I plan ahead…

But then other times…yeah not so good. Like now for instance. When you write a book, you create a whole world of people. You work hard, for several years [...]