Keeping a Writing Routine While Playing the Waiting Game

I miss having a deadline. It’s true. Most writer’s will agree that having a deadline is one of the most stressful things about getting a book done, but still I miss it. Having a deadline means you’re under contract to finish your book by a certain date. Although I don’t miss the pressure, I do [...]

The Waiting Game…

Writing takes patience. Lots of patience. Currently, I am in the middle of querying agents for my third novel, and believe me it is definitely teaching me a lesson in patience. As I await responses I have to keep busy. And that means—beginning my next novel.

One thing I’ve learned is that I can’t control [...]

It’s Out of My Hands…

I am a control freak. I’ll be the first one to admit that. Being so controlling can be good at times—I’m organized, I plan ahead…

But then other times…yeah not so good. Like now for instance. When you write a book, you create a whole world of people. You work hard, for several years [...]

My Novel Is Finished…Now What?

Boy what a busy month September is turning out to be! First off, drumroll please…I’ve finished my book! Yes, you heard it, my book is done! I started this book in September 2009. Yes, you read correctly, three long years ago I started this novel. I finished it in March of 2010, did three rounds [...]

Don’t Press Send!

So I’ve decided to add another character to my book. I know, I know—I foresee all sorts of trouble in adding one but my book has left me no choice. It demands another character and so I have to relent and and do its evil bidding. Really though, it can be all kinds of trouble [...]

Newbie Agents-Give Them a Try

New hairstylists are the same as new agents. Both can be competent in their field but still need someone to trust their efforts. [...]