Michelle Obama Jumps on the Bangwagon

Bangs. Not many women can pull them off. On some they can look juvenile or just plain wrong. And for most hairstylists, giving someone bangs—which seems like the easiest thing to do—is actually a very difficult cut to accomplish.

But Michelle Obama gets it right!

I love this look on her! I like how [...]

Kate Middleton Gets Layered!

Kate Middleton is known for her classic style. And her updated hair is just that…classic! She’s added a few face-framing layers and long side-swept bangs to her chocolate brown locks. It’s a minor tweak, and shows that sometimes something as simple as a few layers can really change your look.

I love her [...]

Get Bangin’ for Fall!

After reading several fashion magazines big September issue, I spied a few hair trends coming this fall. One of the looks that was in ALL of the magazines was bangs. Blunt, wispy, side-swept—I’m here to help you find the bang that fits your face shape.


Oval face shapes

Oval face shapes can get away [...]

Bangs Continued…

I’ve talked about how much I’ve wanted to rock bangs. I wore bangs for most of the month of December. Here’s a picture of me, before the hubby and I went out to dinner:

(It looks like I’m wearing a blanket for a shirt, but it’s actually a really cool dress. I’m tall and [...]


Considering changing my hairstyle to bangs. [...]