Digging Out Of a Slump

Keeping a blog up-to-date is tough business! It really is.

And I must admit I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. One thing about it, when you take a break from something it can be soooooo difficult to build it back into your busy routine. Some people say that blogging is dying [...]

Don’t Stop or Else!

Whew! Sorry about the blog break! I normally announce when I’m going to take a little break, but this time it wasn’t planned. It was one of those things wear life just gets in the way and you don’t make time to blog.

I’ve always admired consistent bloggers. I follow tons of hair, makeup and [...]

A Little Here, A Little There…

With the Hubby and my daughter home I’ve been enjoying the family time. So I won’t be blogging until next week, but I promise to be back with great interviews, updates on my book, and of course hair! I’ll also be doing a few tweaks on the ‘ole blog, and updates on my FAQ page.


Ring the Alarm

In case I haven’t told you guys before, one of my favorite authors is Barbara Delinsky. I like her simple writing, her description of people is spot on and I love the fact that she keeps her fiction clean—no bad language at all. (This is in her later works, her earlier books have a few [...]

Harder Than It Looks…

I’ve been blogging for over two years now, and let me tell you—blogging ain’t easy. I took last week off to refocus my endeavors and to improve the direction of Curl Up and Write.

So yes, the blogging has been slow, but it has a purpose. No, I’m not burned out, (not yet anyway). [...]

Katrina Spencer Spencer

There are many things that people don’t know about me. But one of them that A LOT of people don’t know is that my middle name is Spencer. You guessed it folks, my legal name after getting married is Katrina Spencer Spencer.

Find out more about me at Minolta C. White’s lovely blog. We dish [...]

Blog Tour—How Did I Do?

I know, I know, shame on me. I try to blog at least three or four times a week, but things have been crazy around here. The re-writes are still going on—painfully slow I might add. I’m dreading having to do a major overhaul on one of my characters. I know it’s going to take [...]


Sorry for the blog silence last week.

I feel like such a hypocrite, especially when I read this post.

But it was only a week right? That isn’t long. But I promised myself that if I started a blog I would try to post something at least three times a week. (It’s not a [...]