Two For One! Kim Kardashian and Kelly Ripa Change Their Look!!

Okay, okay, I know I owe you guys an explanation on where I’ve been this summer and what’s been going on, but I promise I’ll have an update soon. But right now, let’s get to the hair! I’ve already missed Beyonce’s pixie cut and her bob, and a slew of other hair updates. So let’s [...]

Demi Lovato’s Blonde Ambition

I like Demi Lovato’s new song, Heart Attack.

There I said it. When my daughter is not in the car I crank it up and sing my heart out. Yes, I know I’m 34 years old, but hey—you like what you like.

Another thing I like is her new hair color. She stepped out [...]

Natalie Portman Goes Blonde!!

So yes, I’m still writing, and no this is not turning into just a Curl Up blog, there is still much Writing to be had…


I really like Natalie Portman, mostly because of her role in Star Wars. (You guys didn’t know I’m a Sci-Fi geek?) We remember her mostly for her luscious brown [...]

Blondes Have More Damage

I’ve always liked Ameriie’s hair. (No, I didn’t misspell her name. She pulled a Diddy a few months ago and changed the spelling of her name.) Several times I’ve copied her look—with weave of course—because it’s timeless and effortless. But now she’s lightened her hair considerably. Don’t get me wrong she can go a little [...]