Turning Down the Deal

I turned down a book deal this week.

I didn’t even feel bad about it, just instinctively knew I had to say no, that the direction they wanted to take with the book was not the direction that I wanted to go. It’s a scary feeling not having a contract or deadline, scary because [...]

Huck Finn Gets a Makeover

We’ve all read the book at some time or another—either forced to read it in high school, or just picked it up for the sake of reading a classic—I don’t know many people who haven’t read Huckleberry Finn. For me, it was Mark Twain at it’s best. But according to Publisher’s Weekly, the book will [...]

Get That Girl a Library Card!

If you follow me on Twitter, (Of course you are by now, right? Right?) then you know that I took my daughter to the library last week. We made it just in time for story time—imagine a room full of kids singing, dancing and listening eagerly as Doris, (can’t remember the name of the lady [...]

No Dog-Ears Please!

Day one of revisions. I have so many post it notes everywhere I can barely see my desk. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I feel like the hard part is over. Time to make this book come alive!

One of my favorite memories growing up was the family [...]

The Next Generation

I’m so glad that my daughter loves to read. Well to be more exact, loves to be read to. I have to read to her at least three times a day, and going to the library renders the same excitement as a trip to Chuck E Cheese.

To say that my husband and I started [...]

Stop, Brain Stop!

Source: swarthmore.edu

I’m trying to get my brain to stop dissecting books while I read and to just enjoy them like I used to before I started writing. Back then, when I read something I might know it was bad, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Now, my brain is screaming–”Don’t show, tell!”  [...]