So my novel is off to my critique partners. I’m nervous, anxious—and any other feeling that ends in –ous. But I know it’s in good hands, so I have to put my mind elsewhere…


Meanwhile, a funny thing I noticed when I was editing—my characters cry. A lot.

It seemed like every sentence ended [...]

Dropped Plots and The Missing Dog

Hey guys, the wonderful Meg Donohue will be stopping by Wednesday discussing her book, How to Eat a Cupcake! Learn about her writing process, the celeb she’d switch hair with, and the most important question—What’s her favorite cupcake? Stay tuned for Wednesday’s interview!


So I mentioned I finished my novel last month. But [...]

The Next Book Is Knocking…

First off, the lovely Amy Hatvany will be stopping by the blog tomorrow! I loved Amy’s book, Best Kept Secret, and was thrilled that she is going to stop by to discuss her new book, Outside the Lines. We’ll dish about Amy’s writing style and of course we’ll find out what hair nightmare Amy won’t [...]

If You Don’t Remember…

Sick! So sick right now! My daughter had the worst cold/flu bug, and of course the caretaker picked it right up. So the revision process has been halted a bit due to 102 degree fevers and chills. When my fever breaks—as it does about once or twice a day—I get a few things done. Hence, [...]