The New Street

Recently, I’ve moved my writing desk into my bedroom. It’s a secretary desk that was for the Hubby, but didn’t prove functional for him.

I still need flowers on top (straight copying Tayari Jones) but I really like working in my bedroom. To the right of the picture I have a large, bay window. [...]

Moody in the City

We had a great family vacation visiting very good friends in New York two weeks ago. For some reason, the Hubby and I anticipated that our six-year old daughter would be on her best behavior after several long talks leading up to the trip.


Granted her ears did pop on the plane, (she [...]

Playing Cards and The Art of Being Social

Growing up, my parents made all of us play cards. Literally, made us. My father would knock on our door and tell us to come to the kitchen table we were going to learn how to play spades. We’d groan at first, and then we would be sitting at the kitchen table begging to stay [...]

The Schedule

So the Hubby and daughter were off last week. Which was great, we spent a lot of family time together. But I—because clearly I’m insane—scheduled many of the activities we did that week.

If it’s one thing I hate doing, it’s wasting time. Time is of the essence, or time is money—whatever quote you want [...]

The Best Part of Wakin’ Up…

You see that picture on your left? I used to have a T-shirt like that growing up. I also had an orange Snoopy T-shirt that read, “I Hate Mornings.”

And for most of my 32 years on this earth, I have HATED waking up in the morning. I wake up in a grouchy mood, mad [...]


I’m 50,000+ on word count! *pats back* Looks like I may make my new deadline—which I’m not sharing yet! But the writing is going great. I had a few little hiccups in my writing schedule getting my daughter ready for school, (wipes tear) but now I feel myself getting back on track. I hope to [...]