Hey New York!

Just wanted to do a quick blog post to let people know that there will be a screening of the hit documentary, In Our Heads About Our Hair, on Friday September 21st! I’ve blogged about this wonderful movie before, so if you want to see it in person run and buy a ticket this Friday. [...]

In Our Heads About Our Hair

Essence.com has an interesting article about the new documentary "In Our Heads About Our Hair". It’s a candid and funny glimpse into the issues surrounding hair and self-esteem while advocating for the acceptance of all hairstyle choices.

The film was produced by Anu Prestonia, Maitefa Angaza and Paulette Maat Kesa Tabb and will be presented [...]

Gives New Meaning To Wind-Blown Hair…

When I saw this video I was amazed at how the bass of this car stereo has this woman’s hair literally blowing like she’s in a tornado.

Cover your ears and watch:



My book is in pretty good shape. After reading several author’s blogs on how they turned in their finished manuscript to their agents this week, it has me a little anxious to finish. I have about 75 more pages to edit, but the reason this is such hard work, is because I added another character [...]


Considering changing my hairstyle to bangs. [...]

Going Blond

Rihanna’s color change. [...]

Hair-Tinted Glasses

Seeing the world through hair-tinted glasses. [...]