Natalie Portman Goes Blonde!!

So yes, I’m still writing, and no this is not turning into just a Curl Up blog, there is still much Writing to be had…


I really like Natalie Portman, mostly because of her role in Star Wars. (You guys didn’t know I’m a Sci-Fi geek?) We remember her mostly for her luscious brown [...]

Gaga Goes Brown

We’re used to Lady Gaga dying her hair crazy colors, but now folks she’s dyed her hair, “Louis Vuitton Brown,” she tweeted yesterday.

The 26-year-old deliberately kept a chunk of her hair its trademark blonde, tying it out the way with a hair clip.

“I’m gonna leave one streak of bad by [...]

Let’s Hear It For the Boys!!!

Okay, I don’t know what water these Hollywood celebs have been drinking, but several male celebs have changed their hair recently. First up, A-list star Tom Cruise.

I love his hair short! He’s been wearing his hair in this shaggy shoulder-length style on the right for over a year, but had to [...]

Jim Carrey Is a Rocker?

Jim Carrey has a new haircut. A Mohawk. Yes, I said Mohawk.

Call me crazy, but I like it. I wouldn’t dare ask the hubby to do it of course, but I feel like because he’s a comedian he can get away with it. His job is to make us laugh. And this [...]

Sideshow Rihanna

Happy Friday everybody! I am soooo glad the weekend is here. We are expecting freezing temps here in Houston so I plan to grab a few books and nestle in. (Going to ask the hubby to buy Jacqueline E. Luckett’s Searching for Tina Turner or Deborah Johnson’s The Air Between Us. Has anybody read them? [...]

Relaxed or Not?

Some people are MAD at Jill Scott. Take a look at her picture below. Now what do you think, relaxed or not?

Personally, I think she had a date with a pressing comb/flat iron. I don’t think she got a relaxer, but I wouldn’t be mad if she did. She has every right [...]

Get Bangin’ for Fall!

After reading several fashion magazines big September issue, I spied a few hair trends coming this fall. One of the looks that was in ALL of the magazines was bangs. Blunt, wispy, side-swept—I’m here to help you find the bang that fits your face shape.


Oval face shapes

Oval face shapes can get away [...]

Ciara is Addicted To!

Guess what’s the one thing that Ciara can’t live without?

Her hair extensions!

When asked her what’s the one thing she couldn’t live without she said:

This may be very blunt, but I can’t live without my hair extensions! It’s the truth! I don’t want to wear my (real) hair all the time [...]