Jada Pinkett Smith Goes Asymmetrical!

Jada Pinkett Smith is never one to keep her hair the same for long. Ever a chameleon, she’s worn a blond pixie cut, the trendy half-shaved look, and all kinds of braided hairstyles. But this Wednesday she showed her fans via her Facebook page her new sleek asymmetrical ‘do.

I think the new hair [...]

Don’t You Dare, Hawthorne!

I watch too much reality TV. Not because I want to, but because mostly it’s the only thing on. There are not that many scripted television shows I watch. Why? Because I find them either a) violent, or b) sex-in-the-office-clinic-breakroom-wherever-you-work-take-your-clothes-off-now sort of shows.

It’s great for my writing to turn off the TV, but [...]