Alive and Kicking

So I was reading this article yesterday on Novel Spaces, and it asked the question—Is blogging dead or alive? 

For me, it took awhile to get on the blogging bandwagon. I was of the mindset that writers should just write—and all the promotional and marketing should be left to the publisher. Well, of course I [...]

It’s a Jungle Out There

Like a dummy I went to the mall on Saturday to catch some of the sales. Here is how my day went.

11:00 am—Arrive at mall. Begin looking for parking spot.

11:07 am—Still looking.

11:15 am—Still looking. Should take this as sign to go home, but no, keep going.

11:22 am—Find parking space. Am [...]

Not Just About the Weave

I love my book cover and can’t wait to show everybody! [...]

What's Old is New Again

Mariah Carey is rocking her old hairstyle again. [...]

Sistahs are Doing it For Themselves!

Blogging at Novel Spaces on Sunday, November 8th. [...]