Writing—It’s What I Do

So on yesterday’s post, I talked about how I mustered up courage to actually pass out a few of my business cards. Well, on Saturday, Carleen Brice talked for about an hour about her career, writing, and having her book, Orange, Mint and Honey, being turned into a movie on Lifetime. (If Carleen ever comes [...]

What I Learned From Watching The Royal Wedding

Did you guys watch the Royal Wedding on Friday? I’m guessing you did, over 2 billion people tuned in. But as many people that were excited about the wedding, there were countless others that complained about the over-exposure of the ceremony. Millions of people were rolling their eyes at all the attention from the media. [...]

It Ain’t Fair, But Then What Is?

When I think about all the marketing I’ve done for Unbeweavable (pre-order now!), I get dizzy. So much goes on behind the scenes that you guys don’t even get to see—until the book comes out. And the sad thing is, it’s hard to say what works and what doesn’t. As a hairstylist, my hair is [...]


With all the social media outlets out there, how much is too much? [...]


Getting myself out there to promote my novels. [...]