Reading Makes Me Write

I love to read. Give me a book and I’ll devour it in a day—hours if its really good. Another thing I’ll do if a book is really good—stop reading it to write. Some books are so beautifully written that it just makes me put it down and write my own beautiful words.

The [...]

You Gotta Make Time for Both

My mama has been sick these past couple of days and now she’s in the hospital. Her spirits are good, mainly because the hospital is like staying in a four-star hotel. So I brought my laptop, (of course) and while she naps I’ve been getting some writing done. The book is shaping up nicely, I [...]

The Waiting Game

Most of a writer’s job is learning how to wait. Writing the book—at least for me—is the easy part. It’s the constant waiting, that’s hard. (And the marketing and publicity too, but we’ll tackle that another day…) We have to wait until we hear if our book is sold, we have to wait until the [...]

The Next Generation

I’m so glad that my daughter loves to read. Well to be more exact, loves to be read to. I have to read to her at least three times a day, and going to the library renders the same excitement as a trip to Chuck E Cheese.

To say that my husband and I started [...]

Stop, Brain Stop!


I’m trying to get my brain to stop dissecting books while I read and to just enjoy them like I used to before I started writing. Back then, when I read something I might know it was bad, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Now, my brain is screaming–”Don’t show, tell!”  [...]


Keeping my routine of writing during the day and reading at night. [...]