Insight Into My Writing—The Tia and Tamera Way!

I love a lot of reality shows, but I’ve been cutting back on some of them because of the materialism and bickering, (Real Housewives anyone?) but one show that I love to watch is Tia and Tamera on the Style network. Last night’s episode really touched me, watch the clip below first and I’ll tell [...]

Better Than I Thought

Coming to terms that I am a good writer. [...]



As a writer I can be a heavy weight to carry. What I mean is, writers need so much from other people–we need admiration, praise, encouragement–we need so much from our family and friends that I can only imagine what they think of me.

As a hairstyist, I’m used to rejection. It’s [...]

How Many Licks?

How many licks of rejection can you take before you quit writing? [...]

Those Are The Breaks

When do you give up on your novel? [...]

Rejection-It’s Personal

Describes how personal it feels when rejected. [...]