Pull an Indiana Jones

So many of you who follow me on Twitter (@katrinasspencer) know that the progress on my revisions took a wicked turn last week when my first reader gave me a big thumbs down on the first 100 pages of my book.

“It’s a snooze fest. I love the prologue but after that, I want [...]

Don’t Press Send!

So I’ve decided to add another character to my book. I know, I know—I foresee all sorts of trouble in adding one but my book has left me no choice. It demands another character and so I have to relent and and do its evil bidding. Really though, it can be all kinds of trouble [...]

A Little Nervous…

Okay, so as far as my revisions they are going quite well. I’m really happy with them. As you guys know, my first two books were published at a smaller publishing house. The book I’m working on now is the book that I hope gets attention from a bigger publisher. But last night I started [...]

On To the Next One…

I know many of you have noticed a trend in my blog lately. Why oh why have I stopped blogging on Mondays? I read several blogs, and most bloggers don’t blog on the weekend, (although some do, bravo to you!) so most expect a new post when Monday roles around. I know I’ve been slipping. [...]

How’d I Do That?

Okay, okay…the revisions. I had a great week and really used my time well as far as my WIP goes. I would say I’m 60% finished with this draft. But with all the smooth sailing I did this week, I ran into a major problem. One of my major characters gets injured. I felt that [...]

Still a Newbie?

Sorry, for the brief post, but I’m in revision mode and trying to get back on schedule, (somewhat.) Oh, and another thing—Amber over at Brown Bombshell Beauty did a wonderful write-up of Unbeweaveable. Brown Bombshell Beauty is just what the title implies—a blog dedicated to the beauty of brown-skinned women. They always have great tips [...]

My Home Girl

I am cruising along in my revisions of my next novel. It’s hard to juggle both—writing a novel while you promote another—but no complaints here, ‘tis the life of a writer. How many revisions do I tackle in my novels? This is my first and I like to have at least three under my belt [...]