Rihanna’s Ever-Evolving Hair Color

I knew Rihanna was on the verge of changing her look again. And this time I likey. I likey very much.

These photos were taken on Friday in London while she promoted her new perfume Reb’l Fleur. (Has anyone sniffed this scent yet? Curious to know how this smells…)

I am really [...]

Rihanna Tones Down the Red

I never was a fan of Rihanna’s red Ronald McDonald hair. (But I have to give her props in this photo. She is absolutely stunning!)

I know she’s a musician, but it’s been a long time since she’s changed her look, so I was getting bored with the bright red hair. But last week [...]

Rihanna Does It Again!

Rihanna changed her hair.


Gone is the Sideshow Bob curls, now she has a sleek, short pixie.


Obviously, this is a well done weave. It reminds me a lot of how Mary J. Blige wears her hair. (But Mary wears hers much better. Click here and you’ll know what I’m [...]

Sideshow Rihanna

Happy Friday everybody! I am soooo glad the weekend is here. We are expecting freezing temps here in Houston so I plan to grab a few books and nestle in. (Going to ask the hubby to buy Jacqueline E. Luckett’s Searching for Tina Turner or Deborah Johnson’s The Air Between Us. Has anybody read them? [...]


Hey guys, the hubby is off work this week and so I plan to take this week off from the blog to finish revising my book. (That and getting some good ‘ole fashioned reading done. So far digging Sarah Pekkanen’s The Opposite of Me.) But don’t worry I’ll be back Monday with new posts about [...]

Rihanna’s Long Locks

Rihanna is the queen of changing her looks. Not only does she change her hair color to a bold red hue, she now has adopted a few *ahem* long locks. What do you guys think of her new weave?

You guys know I love everything about weave, but I’m not feeling the long locks…yet. [...]

Color Me Bad

Have you guys seen Rihanna’s new hair color. It’s umm…a little bright. It brings to mind images of Kool-Aid.


I think because she is a musician she can get away with just about anything. Red hair, shaved head—anything goes when you don’t have to clock in at a nine-to-five. What do you [...]

Going Blond

Rihanna’s color change. [...]