Can Sandra Bullock Pull Off a Pixie?

Ok, before you start gasping, I don’t think Sandra Bullock cut her hair. I think it’s a wig. Just last week in Toronto she was spotted with her hair long and glorious.

Some fans of Vogue have called the hairstyle ‘confusing.’  One commenter compared it to a mullet; while another reader said the style makes [...]

Evan Rachel Wood’s Big Chop

I don’t watch True Blood, (vampires creep me out) so I’m not familiar with Wood’s style, but I couldn’t help but notice her big chop at the True Blood premiere.

You guys know I’m all for change, but I am not loving this look. I like her makeup, she looks fresh and young in [...]

Rihanna Does It Again!

Rihanna changed her hair.


Gone is the Sideshow Bob curls, now she has a sleek, short pixie.


Obviously, this is a well done weave. It reminds me a lot of how Mary J. Blige wears her hair. (But Mary wears hers much better. Click here and you’ll know what I’m [...]

Go Janet!

I got so excited about this I had to post twice in one day! Have you guys seen Janet’s new haircut? She’s looking fierce!



I think it looks great. It really shows off her cheekbones, (one of her best features in my opinion). I know, I know, I’m a [...]

The Brave Ones

In case you guys haven’t heard, Chrisette Michele has cut her hair. Again.

When Chrisette first came on the music scene she wore a shoulder-length weave. (Don’t ask me how I know. I just know.)

For her second album she started strutting her stuff in a much shorter ‘do.

I wasn’t [...]

Mary, Mary

Mrs. Blige is the ultimate risk-taker when it comes to her hair. I love her for that. Nothing’s worse than looking at pictures of yourself and seeing the same hairstyle year after year.

Her look for the American Music Awards was timeless. Her short crop of blond hair fit her face well. (I think it’s [...]