My Bittersweet Summer

I didn’t get much writing done this summer. I did edit a novel that someone expressed interest in but I didn’t do much on my new book. And for me that’s unusual. I’ve never been one to write everyday, but I do always write several times a week. And then my poor neglected blog. It [...]

Writing in Summer…

I have a seven year old daughter on her summer break right now. We’ve already done our summer vacation for the summer, and had a wonderful time with friends. But still…it can be a challenge writing with a child at home. For me, it’s not that she’s getting in my way or not letting me [...]

Sweat Off the Neck

It seems that there are a lot of ways to spell Unbeweaveable. It’s a spin on the word unbelievable—my main character Mariah is addicted to her weave and discovers an unbelievable family secret—hence the title, Unbeweaveable. I’ve always spelled Unbeweaveable adding the –e before the –able. But unbelievable doesn’t have the –e, so many have [...]