Checking In to Check Out

So sorry for the lack of posts this summer! If you follow me on Twitter, (and why aren’t you? I’m a hoot!) then you know I’ve been sick, so I wasn’t posting much. But I’m back! Only to tell you that I won’t be posting any more this week, but I promise to bring you [...]

My Filter

You guys may remember my hesitation to join Facebook. And then Twitter. Well one of my concerns that I mentioned is my big ‘ole mouth. I talk. A lot. I’m not a gossip, but I am one of those people who will talk to just about anyone. If I’m in a room full of people, [...]

If You Don’t Remember…

Sick! So sick right now! My daughter had the worst cold/flu bug, and of course the caretaker picked it right up. So the revision process has been halted a bit due to 102 degree fevers and chills. When my fever breaks—as it does about once or twice a day—I get a few things done. Hence, [...]

Should I Give a Tweet?

So, you guys have read here and here about my aversion to all social media. But now that I’m on Facebook—and loving every minute of it—it got me to thinking about Twitter. I know so many of you are on Twitter and I was thinking, could this be another thing I’m missing out on? [...]


Writing is a lonely job. [...]


Scared of Twitter. [...]