The Unbeweaveable Iman

I love strong, black women. I especially love women that are not afraid to get older, but in fact embrace. One of those women is the beautiful Iman. Well, she’s back in the spotlight with her new show on Bravo, she has her own line of jewelry, handbags, and shoes on HSN, her exquisite make-up [...]


Hey guys, my last stop on this wonderful blog tour will be over at Shon Bacon’s blog, ChickLitGurrl.

Shon is an author advocate and does so much to help women writers promote their books. To read the interview, click here.


Doing Better

So I’m done with round one of revisions, (can you hear the glee in my voice?) and now I’m on to round two. Like I’ve mentioned before I’m doing this book a little different than my previous books. As Maya Angelou says, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know [...]

Still a Newbie?

Sorry, for the brief post, but I’m in revision mode and trying to get back on schedule, (somewhat.) Oh, and another thing—Amber over at Brown Bombshell Beauty did a wonderful write-up of Unbeweaveable. Brown Bombshell Beauty is just what the title implies—a blog dedicated to the beauty of brown-skinned women. They always have great tips [...]


Boy, you have to wear a few different hats with being a writer. For those of you who aspire to do this, let me tell you—it’s a lot of work! Tremendous! Promoting a book and revising another—did I mention how hard it is? I did? Well alrighty then… I love the creative side of [...]

The Sickled Cell

I suffer from sickle-cell anemia. I say suffer because if anyone knows anyone that has this disease, or is in anyway familiar with it—then they know that suffering is what it is. For those of you who don’t know what sickle cell is, it is an inherited form of anemia — a condition [...]

My Home Girl

I am cruising along in my revisions of my next novel. It’s hard to juggle both—writing a novel while you promote another—but no complaints here, ‘tis the life of a writer. How many revisions do I tackle in my novels? This is my first and I like to have at least three under my belt [...]

Enough is Enough

I love weave. I really do. But sometimes even I, (gulp) think enough is enough. Like this video of a THREE YEAR OLD GIRL getting a hair weave. This is downright sad.



Why would ANYONE put a hair weave on a THREE YEAR OLD? It’s outrageous! My daughter cut off one of her [...]

Up, Up, and Away!

So it’s out. My second novel, Unbeweaveable is in stores and I’m surprisingly calm about the whole thing. With my first book Six O’clock, I lost sleep and went a little crazy worrying over how well the book would do. I promised myself, (and my hubby) that I wouldn’t do it this time around. [...]

The Funnies

I love to laugh. I think most people do. Most of you guys know that I struggled this year with finding my voice as a writer and finally choosing the style of writing that fits me. I like to hit on serious issues in my books but I do like to tickle people’s funny bone [...]