Vivica A. Fox Talks Weaves and Wigs

I’ve known Vivica Fox has her own wig line for awhile now, but I never knew how she got started in the lucrative business. caught up with the busy starlet and got the scoop on her wig and extension line.

Vivica, you’ve been such a big star in the entertainment and movie business. [...]

Victoria Gotti Get’s Rooted!

I’m sure I’ve shared with you guys how much I hate when someone tries to root me. For those who don’t know what that term means, it’s when a person tries to feel the roots of your hair or your scalp for extensions. If its bumpy like a railroad—then uh-oh they can feel your tracks! [...]

Rihanna Tones Down the Red

I never was a fan of Rihanna’s red Ronald McDonald hair. (But I have to give her props in this photo. She is absolutely stunning!)

I know she’s a musician, but it’s been a long time since she’s changed her look, so I was getting bored with the bright red hair. But last week [...]

Back To The Weave

Janet Jackson was spotted last week rocking—you guessed it, a weave.

Here she is performing in Paris, and she is rocking a long, wavy weave. (In the photo on the left her hair looks brown, but it’s just the lights, in the picture on the right you can see her hair is shiny [...]

Underneath It All—Gabrielle Union’s Real Hair

I think Gabrielle Union rocks one of the best weaves in the business. It highlights her flawless skin and beautiful smile.

But all the praise should go directly to her stylist. Her real hair is in great shape! Here she is showing off her healthy locks on Twitter.

I love that her stylist [...]

Enough is Enough

I love weave. I really do. But sometimes even I, (gulp) think enough is enough. Like this video of a THREE YEAR OLD GIRL getting a hair weave. This is downright sad.



Why would ANYONE put a hair weave on a THREE YEAR OLD? It’s outrageous! My daughter cut off one of her [...]

Don’t Get it Twisted

The winner of the joke contest is Nina D! Nina, email me your address so I can send your book. Thanks for everybody that entered on Facebook, but sorry folks the contest was only here on the blog. Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled program…

I know I preach about how much I [...]

Never Leave Home Without It

A true Weavy Wonder, (like myself) always has a spare weave with her. If you checked my car right now you would find a plastic bag filled with tracks of varying lengths in the trunk. Why do I carry this hair you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. But I have all my [...]

Unbeweavable Stories

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their weave experiences! This topic hit home for a lot of you, so keep coming back for more interviews. And with that, here is Ashley’s story.

Please give some background information about yourself. 

I’m a hairstylist and fashion student. I am a tender, but mature 21 year old [...]

Unbeweavable Stories

Friend to the blog Lori Johnson gave me the idea to start interviewing women about their weave experiences. (Or rather, I told her I was going to copy her idea when she interviewed women who chose to wear their hair natural on her blog. Thanks Lori!)

So, for the next several months keep checking here [...]