Stop Snacking!

Lately, every time I get on the phone with my Mama, I’m smacking on something. Chips, crackers, Rice Krispies Treat—my mouth is chewing on something. You guys know my mother pulls no punches, so one day last week she said, “Could you please stop eating on the phone?”

I wiped my greasy hands on my [...]

How’d I Do That?

Okay, okay…the revisions. I had a great week and really used my time well as far as my WIP goes. I would say I’m 60% finished with this draft. But with all the smooth sailing I did this week, I ran into a major problem. One of my major characters gets injured. I felt that [...]

This Girl Was Made For Walking

I’ve always enjoyed eating snacks rather than sitting down to eat an entire meal. Nothing heavy—popcorn, nuts, granola bars, the occasional chip.

But I find as I’m getting older, that I’ve been eating an entire meal and snacking. So of course, I’ve gained weight. Nothing terrible, I’m still skinny enough that when I mention that [...]



As a writer I can be a heavy weight to carry. What I mean is, writers need so much from other people–we need admiration, praise, encouragement–we need so much from our family and friends that I can only imagine what they think of me.

As a hairstyist, I’m used to rejection. It’s [...]