Victoria Gotti Get’s Rooted!

I’m sure I’ve shared with you guys how much I hate when someone tries to root me. For those who don’t know what that term means, it’s when a person tries to feel the roots of your hair or your scalp for extensions. If its bumpy like a railroad—then uh-oh they can feel your tracks! [...]

Not Having It All

So Wendy Williams is off the Dancing With the Stars. No, I’m not shocked. Her dancing was…less than inspiring. But it was the comment she said on her show after she got booted that got me to thinking. She mentioned that she thinks women can have it all.

Things that make you go hmmm, [...]

How You Dancin’?

Yesterday, I pushed myself through a writing scene that was difficult to get down. In the middle of writing, I got so discouraged I almost wanted to delete the whole thing and start over. Writer friends, have you ever felt that way? I know I’m not the only one who feels that way at times, [...]

Wigs, Wigs, and More Wigs

I’m still in lovely Florida and will be home soon to post pictures of my adventures. I had a lovely time with family, and didn’t worry about my book launch one bit. Well maybe two bits. I mean, who takes a vacation three weeks before their book is out? I do. And I enjoyed every [...]

Never Leave Home Without It

A true Weavy Wonder, (like myself) always has a spare weave with her. If you checked my car right now you would find a plastic bag filled with tracks of varying lengths in the trunk. Why do I carry this hair you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. But I have all my [...]

Weavy Wonder

Women who are honest about the fact that they wear a weave. [...]