Tyra vs. Wigs

Trya has had enough of wig companies using her face to sell their wigs. She’s suing!

According to TMZ, the 39-year-old former supermodel is filing a $10 million lawsuit against ten wig companies in Los Angeles County for ‘using her name, photograph, image and identity’ to sell their hairpieces.

According to the Los Angeles [...]

Vivica A. Fox Talks Weaves and Wigs

I’ve known Vivica Fox has her own wig line for awhile now, but I never knew how she got started in the lucrative business. Essence.com caught up with the busy starlet and got the scoop on her wig and extension line.

Vivica, you’ve been such a big star in the entertainment and movie business. [...]

Advent Hair

I get lots of emails from wig-wearers expressing how I need to share more about wigs. Where to purchase them, how to find the most natural-looking wigs, and even how to get custom wigs if needed. Most of the questions I get asked is not about the styling of wigs, but more about which company [...]

Wigs, Wigs, and More Wigs

I’m still in lovely Florida and will be home soon to post pictures of my adventures. I had a lovely time with family, and didn’t worry about my book launch one bit. Well maybe two bits. I mean, who takes a vacation three weeks before their book is out? I do. And I enjoyed every [...]