The Writing Cave

So most of you know that while I’m on the agent hunt that I’m outlining my next novel. One thing about writing a book, the beginning stages are very exciting. (For me anyway…) It’s exciting to see your story develop, and get to know a new crop of characters. So that’s what I’ve been doing [...]

Me Time

Last night, I was able to spend the entire evening alone.

No daughter.

No Hubby.

Just me and my thoughts. And it was wonderful.

Like most women, I spend most of the day battling what I should be doing. If I’m sitting down watching TV, I look at the clothes I should be washing, [...]

Out Loud!

So I’ve talked here about receiving my book back from my critique partners. And it looks like I’m in for another edit.


Any writer will tell you that writing is re-writing, and I know that it needs one more edit to make it as sharp and pristine as possible. But seriously, after [...]

Trust Yourself

Okay, so my critique partners have gotten back with me and let me know what they thought of my book, and drumroll please…they really enjoyed it. The comments they gave me were invaluable, the suggestions were great—and reminds me how important it is to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at your work.



The Next Book Is Knocking…

First off, the lovely Amy Hatvany will be stopping by the blog tomorrow! I loved Amy’s book, Best Kept Secret, and was thrilled that she is going to stop by to discuss her new book, Outside the Lines. We’ll dish about Amy’s writing style and of course we’ll find out what hair nightmare Amy won’t [...]

I Was Lost, But Now I’m Found

Whoops! Tomorrow turned into a week didn’t it? Sorry about that, sometimes life just gets in the way. On my last post I mentioned that I would have to re-write the first 100 pages of my WIP. Well, I have good news. Things aren’t as bad as I previously stated. Yes, my novel needs work, [...]

Word Count

Breakthrough! (I’m at 58,536 words so no, the breakthrough isn’t in my word count. But you build a novel one word at a time, no matter how painful and slow the words are.) I’m at the point in my WIP where I learned something new about my main character. This is what I love about [...]

Losing The Groove

47,819 words. I know. I know that number hasn’t changed since my last post. Things are getting…rough. That word that I hate is starting to creep up my spine, telling me that I can’t finish, that I won’t finish, that I shouldn’t finish. Doubt. I am beginning to doubt myself…

I’m losing it. I [...]