My Novel Is Finished…Now What?

Boy what a busy month September is turning out to be! First off, drumroll please…I’ve finished my book! Yes, you heard it, my book is done! I started this book in September 2009. Yes, you read correctly, three long years ago I started this novel. I finished it in March of 2010, did three rounds [...]


So my novel is off to my critique partners. I’m nervous, anxious—and any other feeling that ends in –ous. But I know it’s in good hands, so I have to put my mind elsewhere…


Meanwhile, a funny thing I noticed when I was editing—my characters cry. A lot.

It seemed like every sentence ended [...]

Dropped Plots and The Missing Dog

Hey guys, the wonderful Meg Donohue will be stopping by Wednesday discussing her book, How to Eat a Cupcake! Learn about her writing process, the celeb she’d switch hair with, and the most important question—What’s her favorite cupcake? Stay tuned for Wednesday’s interview!


So I mentioned I finished my novel last month. But [...]

“You Got Me Feeling Emotions!!!”

Words can’t describe what I’m feeling right now. After three years of hard work, several re-writes, (including one starting from scratch…) it’s done. Are you reading this folks—I said my book is done!

I think Mariah Carey says it better than I could ever describe it…


When It’s Over…Almost

So I knew this day would come. The day when I reach 90,000 words on my WIP and have three chapters left to write. The day I’ve been (slowly) reaching toward is almost here. I could finish this book in a day or two and yet…I hesitate.

It’s stupid I know, but when it’s over [...]

The Best Advice

It’s pretty hard to not have a year pass and wonder what you learned, how you improved, and what you could do better. For me, 2011 I learned a lot about myself. I won’t discuss it all here, but I will share the one piece of advice that I’ve heard for years, but finally listened [...]

The Dog Ate My Novel…

Okay, so that’s not what really happened.

But I do have an excuse on why I won’t make my stupid lofty word-count goal.

This has been a very busy month. Between getting my daughter ready for school and other obligations I haven’t been hitting the book as hard as I planned. As of today, my [...]

It Takes Sacrifice

To get this book finished on time requires a lot of sacrifice. Right now on my television I have about seven TV shows that are sitting in my DVR unwatched. And these are some of my favorite shows. But if I want to finish this book—and I better considering how I announced to the world [...]

40 Days and 40 Nights

So on this post I mentioned that my word count was zero. Nada. Zilch. And now my friends my word count is…drumroll please…20,292 words! I am stocked, excited, downright giddy at the progress I’ve made in a month’s time. Actually, less than a month’s time, because I’ve been sick for two weeks, and didn’t get [...]